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Maximum character level 99
Custom skills for level 90, 95 and 99
Custom stats for items, skills and armor sets
Custom enchant of items (enchanting gives accuracy, evasion,...)
Custom farm zones
Special farm gatekeeper to port into zones
Automatic events (TvT, CTF, Race event, Rabbit chests and more coming)
Special automatic event TOWN INVASION!
Olympiad every 2 weeks
Custom hero buffs and skill
R90 and R99 equip (coming soon)
client: high five

Exp : 50x
Sp : 50x
Adena : 50x
Drop : 1x
Spoil : 1x
Quest Exp, Sp, Adena : 1x

Safe (Weapons, Armors, Jewels, Others) : + 150
Safe Full Armor : + 150
Max (Armors, Jewels, Others) : + 6 000
Max (Weapons) : + 10 000
Normal Scroll : Chance : 75%, Broken Item's : Yes
Blessed Scroll (Buy in GM Shop or from players Buy/Sell/Trade) : Chance : 97%
(Failed Enchant: Give items to +150)
Ancient Scroll (Buy in GM Shop or from players Buy/Sell/Trade) : Chance : 100%
(Weapons +100 / Armors, Jewels, Others +50)

Vote System

Each player can vote once per 24hours.
You need to complete every single Vote page in order to aprove your vote.
As soon as your vote is confirmed,
you can type ingame voiced command ".vote" and you will be rewarded with Vote Reward,
which you can exchange at GMshop for some usefull in-game items,
and you will earn buff that increases your dmg by 10%. (That can be changed.)


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